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Footer Link Optimization for Search Engines and User Experience

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Footer Link Optimization for Search Engines and User Experience: It’s huge – seriously big. And while it’s valuable for users and even contains some interesting content, it’s not really accomplishing the job of a footer – it’s more like a giant permanent content block on the site

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User Friendly Content

7 Tips To Write The Perfect Press Release

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7 Tips To Write The Perfect Press Release

Writing the right press release is of course a difficult task. This is precisely the reason why we come cross thousands of inaccurate, badly edited press releases. Such press releases do not add value to website promotion; rather they have a negative effect. Therefore writing and formatting a press release correctly is an absolute must. The online press release is the most effective way of providing important updates and information in the Internet. If you are launching a new website, you cannot expect all your customers to know about the forthcoming project. A press release is the perfect way to give them this information to your customers and search engines.

1. Use Simple Language

The press release should be easy to understand. The paragraphs should be short and the language crisp. Like any other forms of writing avoid redundancy; rather focus on news. In short, the reader should understand clearly what news/new development you are trying to convey.

2.Call for Action

Like a sales copy a press release should encourage the readers to action. The news written should be interesting and compelling and the reader should feel free to contact you at the number given below the press release. Read More


How to Blend Usability & Get the Best from SEO

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Whenever the phrase, “usability and SEO”, enter a conversation, there’s a very good chance it goes in one ear and out the other. Corporate management interprets it as “We need more money”, and middle management fixes their poker face until they’re free to run to Google to look up the term. Though there is improvement, traditionally the term, “usability and SEO” represent two distinct countries, each with their own culture and belief systems. SEO inhabitants live, eat, breathe and play in the realm of marketing, especially in search engines.


Their challenge is to monitor search algorithms and find new ways for getting their clients’ websites to appear at the very top of search results. What happens after that is not of their concern. Exposure, repeated exposure and increased inbound human traffic to sites are primary goals. The Usability tribe is more like an interbred family of blended bloodlines from different smaller tribes, such as user interface, findability, persuasive design, accessibility, software QA testing, information architecture and human factors. For some reason, Usability is like a sun and each area of expertise rotates around it, contributing to and fortifying it with new cultures and practices, such as the neurosciences and psychology.


As you have guessed, there is much in-fighting within the Usability culture, as each set of practices fights to be heard and signaled out as the very best practice of them all. Their unifying thread is each culture is devoted to people, not search engines. That said, within the human factors realm, information architecture and neurosciences, there are a vast number of case studies and research on how people use search engines and gather data.


Over the years, there have been attempts by a small number of search engine optimization professionals to include some pieces of usability into their marketing services. This nearly always leads to confusion because often, an SEO doesn’t truly understand usability and therefore is not exactly sure of what they’re asking for.


In the end, they settle for something that sounds like it should make their SEO efforts look more powerful or they obtain user interface services. Sometimes this is a bit fractured. An SEO may include usability standards regarding look and feel only to make sure a website with a poor appearance will hold onto a click coming in from a search engine result. They don’t typically add conversions oriented design despite that making more sense for marketing.


Unfortunately, the majority of search engine marketing companies ignore the people side of Web design entirely. There is no thought of functional testing to make sure application driven real estate, ecommerce and travel sites are not broken before pushing them up in rank.


Marketing people are not concerned with special needs users, which leave out large segments of certain target markets such as in the health and government industries. Standing on the banks of the river of Web design and marketing are all the practices that fall under the human factors camp. There continues to be misunderstandings within this extremely large group of people about what search engine marketing is for and how it works.


The good news is the latest generation of web development is comprised of people who are interested in both the technical practices of search optimization and marketing, and at least several areas of usability such as conversions (persuasive) design and finding ways to blend practices so that they work together rather than in opposition.


It used to be that usability people were the destroyers of marketing efforts and SEO ruined good user interface. We may want to move on past that. A Web design company that wishes to provide the absolute best opportunities for success for their web site clients hires individuals who are cross trained, or willing to be educated, in both search engine marketing and web site usability. This is not a fluff undertaking. Rather, a solid investigation of exactly what this blending means should take a while and more importantly, require an open mind.


Since there are rarely indivduals trained in or experienced in search marketing and human factors design practices, let yourself consider starting with some basic offerings. Several of the top search marketing companies in the UK include usability reviews which are specifically heuristic evaluations of at least 20 of the most needed usability standards for a usable design.


These can be an additional £300 – £500 for a simple review with suggestions for improvements that when implemented, increase conversions, traffic, brand reputation and in the long run, search engine rank. Sometimes one of these reviews reveals serious issues or defects. Your client can opt to get more in-depth assistance and even support for a redesign, while remaining with your company.


Find a usability professional with knowledge of search marketing (in my opinion, this is a must), to outsource this work to for your client. You remain the project manager and get part of the money quoted for the job. In this setup, your company proves it is truly client oriented and dedicated to the immediate and long term success of each client.


An even more robust approach to adapting and blending practices is to include optional areas such as mobile design and social media marketing. Of course, your clients’ project determines the need. Not every site is a fit for social networking and some will not require mobile usage.


However, the majority of websites today does, or will at some time in the future. You want to be prepared for this, either in-house or by sub-contracting an independent consultant. Sometimes two companies blend their services. This is a new approach, where a project manager handles the entire team for their client. The client may never know that two companies are working on their job.


All that matters to clients is that they’ve hired the very best experts. These days, those experts do not all sit inside cubicles at one company. A new term has gained some favor lately and it is “integrated marketing”. What this signals is a blended approach to web site design, support and marketing. A company using this approach has brought together different practices and applies the theory and methods of them all to their clients’ sites.


Not every integrated marketing type of company is the same however. Some include social media networking, while others don’t go there at all. Others dabble in user friendly design, SEO and limited social marketing, and don’t do any functional testing, accessibility standards design, conversions design and analytics, public relations, information architecture for both SEO and usability and more.


This is because there are simply not enough people in the world with work experience that integrates these areas. As a website owner, be sure to inquire as to the depth, expertise, quality and variety of services offered by companies you seek out for help. For example, social media marketing is vastly more complicated and involved then putting up a Twitter and Facebook account.


Usability and SEO techniques can be blended and complimentary to each other and also information architecture but it’s still difficult to find a company that offers that quality of service. When faced with a redesign, be sure to find a company that will prepare design and functional requirements that you not only see but have signed off on.



Also, just because a well-known corporation provides a website doesn’t automatically mean their sites are user friendly. Some of them don’t even have a usability design department, or if they do, their skills are sorely limited (i.e. no accessibility training).


In situations where websites are more or less one huge application requiring regular tweaking, weekly rollbacks and code freezes are commonplace. Add to this situation optimized pages that are changed based on analytics data and split testing for conversions design, and you have a nightmare.


Large companies have much to learn about understanding and organizing the pieces of the puzzle and hiring the best experts for the work. Whenever someone asks me what usability and SEO means, I opt for the easy way out by telling them that it’s my job: to make websites easy to find in search engines and easy for people to use.




Top 10 Email Marketing Tips for SME’s

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If your a small business owner, you’ll understnand that lead generation is a vital element of your online business. With this in mind, email marketing is one of the lowest cost forms of online advertising currently available. This article attempts to compile the de facto top 10 Email Marketing Tips for small to medium businesses. The main objective is to help SMEs to better utilise their online marketing budget and realise greater return on investment.

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30 Fantastic 404 Pages – Inspirational Post!

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30 Fantastic 404 Pages You will Love!

Now, we all agree that nobody likes to land on a 404 errors, but in the world of the web, sometimes landing on a 404 error is slightly inevitable. For those of you who don’t know what a 404 error page is; a 404 error page  shows up when user tries to browse to a web page that doesn’t exist anymore. The link may be broken, moved, or never existed. In this roundup we are featuring 30 interesting 404 pages for your inspiration. Enjoy!!





















































I have to say, I wouldn’t mind landing on a beautifully designed 404 error pages like those highlighted above.  Please share, comment and share the love! Thank you.

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Having a No.1 Ranking in Google Doesn’t Always Get Results

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Having a No.1 Ranking in Google Doesn’t Always Get Results – Yes, you did read that correctly. You may have achieved your ultimate goal – the number one placement on Google. Is it getting the results you had hoped? Is your phone ringing or Inbox being filled with people seeking your services? If not, there may be a very good reason for that.

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5 Social Media Strategies to Strengthen Your Online Presence

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5 Social Media Strategies to Strengthen Your Online Presence

If you have taken your organization on line, you also have some social media accounts. As a issue of truth, there is a beneficial probability that you had a social media presence initial.

When I consult individuals with an on line presence the query, which social media web sites bring you the most targeted traffic, I just about generally get (without hesitation) Facebook and Twitter as the answer. But when I inquire what this website traffic does for their enterprise, the answers come a great deal additional hesitant.

5 Social media techniques to boost any small business:

1. Networking

This is an apparent social media system. It does not require a complete good deal of explanation. I consider that everybody with a pc understands that social media is the platform that has enabled us to network with people, we had no way of reaching prior to social media was born.

2. Purchaser services

Due to the fact the bulk of people today uses social media these days, the expectation is that you can go online and get all your concerns answered and problems addressed. This social media tactic is a incredibly complicated one particular in my opinion, since you have to be really careful to balance your on the internet and offline presence.

Simply because of the visibility on line there is a tendency to give on-line buyer assistance priority more than offline. This generates the chance that you produce the picture of only becoming beneficial if your steps are uncovered. Just one way to circumvent this is to post a phone amount online that buyers can contact, fairly than aiding consumers on the net. How long this techniques will keep on to perform I am not guaranteed of. But for now, it is probably your best wager.

3. Obtaining new consumers

There is, in my impression, no improved social media approach than 1 that focusses on discovering new clients. Even if your company is nearby, you can benefit tremendously. It is so much simpler to achieve people online than it is offline, that you will by definition boost your reach utilizing social media.

4. Set up your authority in your niche

By publishing your know-how and answering people today inquiries, related to your area of interest, you will immediately become an authority in your area of interest. The only key is to stick with it and to be constant in your method.

5. PR

This is where social media could be at its most impressive. The point that we can all encourage our firms without having remaining forced to shell out a fortune, has resulted in the leveling of the playing field. We can compete with greater businesses, reaching the very same goal group and creating a presence that is not also far eliminated from the bigger businesses.

I have confined myself to these five social media techniques, realizing entire perfectly that there are a lot of additional. But if you implement just these 5 your business will advantage drastically.

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